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The ideal body from luxury cybercrack is ready to test your affection and deep passion.

Sex doll

This is the best toy for love, the ideal partner who will never fail in beauty, and will help to realize any fantasies. A sweet blonde or a burning brunette - the choice is yours. Inside the doll has a high-tech aluminum skeleton, and outside is covered with hypoallergenic silicone skin. Such dolls have flexing joints and can assume different poses.

About us

Very similar to a real person visually and to the touch, since the surface is made of silicone, and the limbs are mobile. The skeleton is made of high-strength aluminum.

There are certain rules when applying makeup and hygiene dolls associated with the choice of silicone as a material: cosmetics are not absorbed into the surface of the body of the doll, and you can not use white spirits and similar solvents for cleaning.

There is an opportunity to purchase a basic model or even order a model from a photograph. When selling abroad, they are declared at the customs as a "work of art".

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Sex Shop in Tenerife

A realistic sex doll with nice to the touch velvet skin from our online store in Tenerife has huge chances to become your ideal partner for love joys. Skillful high-precision copying of contours of a female body is the main difference of models which our sexy shop offers you. Receiving new emotions, letting bright colours into sexual life, embodiment of the most secret wishes – all this becomes real after purchase on our website. Moreover, our sex shop online will help each man to select a "girl" who as much as possible meets his esthetic requirements. Here it is possible to buy or rent at the optimum price a model with any body parameters, genital features and even "partner" of any nationality! Huge breast? Dark skin colour? In a suit of the nurse or an air and weightless transparent peignoir? We have them all and many others! The adult sex shop Candy Dolls offers both basic options and an opportunity to create a sex partner of your dream.

Safety and anonymity – the basic principles of Candy Dolls

Our virtual sex shop isn't a traditional one if this kind. More likely, it offers sex shopping online but not limited to selling only. We act as your personal "supplier of pleasure" enabling the maximum relaxation, the embodiment of any imaginations on the basis of safety and confidentiality – our basic principles that make the website popular among male population. At the same time it is possible without exaggeration to declare all goods presented in our catalog unique. Velvet skin (by the way, made of hypoallergenic silicone material), hi-tech aluminum skeleton, realistic joints allowing a toy to accept any pose – these characteristics will allow silicon premium girls to give unreal pleasure to man.

The online sex store being the only place in Tenerife where it is possible to rent or get a sex doll at the same time also offers a wide range of accessories for sexual joys.

Making order

The website Candy Dolls products have rather high cost but at the same time it is completely justified by excellent quality. Buying a realistic artificial girl here you receive an ideal partner:

  • with a slender body;
  • with full lips;
  • with gorgeous boobs;
  • with exciting body outline.

Believe that having the mentioned above striking beauty the price automatically will take second place!

With sex shopping in our online store and you’ll receive an excellent level of service and expeditious delivery of goods! Give freedom to your desires and experience everything together with attractive beauties from Candy Dolls.