Rent and sale of sex dolls


We are a specialized store, because we sell not only goods, we sell pleasure." We are convinced that the word "sex shop" does not fully disclose the essence of our activity. "The concept of our store is based on the buyer's pleasure. make life more pleasant, interesting and colorful. 

-Question: What kind of sex can I get with a doll in Candy Dolls?
-Answer: All our dolls, like all women, have oral, vaginal and anal openings.

-Question: How do you guarantee hygiene in Candy Dolls?
-Answer: Our dolls are disinfected with special antibacterial agents before and after each use. Also for your safety, in every hotel room, there will be condoms for compulsory use.

-Question: What awaits me when I arrive at the hotel Candy Dolls?
-Answer: When you enter the hotel you will be greeted by our administrator. He will answer all your questions.

-Question: How to tune in the right way?
-Answer: We care about your feelings. In each room there is a large plasma TV with movies of erotic content that would raise your mood, as well as you can experience new sensations with the help of virtual reality glasses!

-Question: What dolls are there in the hotel Candy Dolls?
-Respond: There are 12 dolls of different nationalities in our assortment. They have different depth of the vagina, the size of the chest and thighs, weight, height. To them you can choose a more suitable for you person, hair, clothes. And also choose one of the four rooms and in what position she will meet you. Do not hesitate to tell us about your desires so that we can satisfy them.

-Question: Can I rent a doll home?
-Answer: Yes, you can. The price will depend on the place where we will deliver the doll and the amount of time it will be used. The price is discussed by phone, email or from the administrator.

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