Rent and sale of sex dolls


We are a special shop, because we sell not just goods, we sell pleasure. We are convinced that the word "sex shop" does not fully disclose the essence of our activities. The concept of our store is based on the pleasure of the buyer. In the literal sense of the word. We help people make life more pleasant, interesting and brighter.

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Realistic, ready to help, sexy beauties from Candy Dolls online adult store are erotic goods that for sure won't leave any man indifferent. These charming girls have a set of indisputable advantages:

  • velvet skin of girls is made of hypoallergenic material (silicone);
  • the aluminum framework allows these realistic models to accept any pose so men who buy erotic goods on our website receive various sex without any restrictions;
  • vaginal, anal and oral openings allow to enjoy sexual contacts of any kinds;
  • our models have accurate, realistic features, a magnificent breast, attractive body contours.

On the website of our company in Tenerife it is possible not only to buy a basic model of a sex doll but also to order production of the beauty according to the parameters set by the client.

Ready to help partners from Candy Dolls

Our adult shop goods help to make sexual life more impressive, bright and various. They will satisfy an extremely high need for sex as such artificial girl is always ready to sexual favors! She doesn’t have a headache, there are no periods, and she will never gather extra kilos. All these advantages completely justify rather high prices of our products.

Imitation of favorite poses and magnificent tactile feelings will lift the real Casanova on pleasure waves again and again, without breaks, without restrictions, without shyness!

Features of purchase

Our adult entertainment store in Tenerife is unique as we offer not only sex dolls but a bigger variety of services. Among our goods anyone can find goods for adults of a certain direction (sex dolls and accessories). Here you won't meet ugly inflatable dolls with unpleasant features when sex becomes a doubtful pleasure.

Sex goods from our catalog are intended for real "erotic gourmets" to help feeling yourself as a real hero of a porn film. 

For those who plan to buy a realistic model in our erotic store we guarantee an absolute confidentiality with highly qualified consultation and help with any questions.

 Sex goods bought, rented in adult shop will help to feel full emancipation and to receive unearthly pleasure. Juicy desires will become a reality together with these raven-haired and blondes with blue eyes.

Except a possibility of a realistic doll for men purchase our clients also can rent these charming girls. At the same time the cost of rent is at the available level for the majority.

Contact us, and we will help to choose for you such a beauty who will become your obedient mistress, embodying all new and new sexual desires forever!