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Today toys are not only children's occupation and it isn't surprising as their range for adults impresses. A beautiful, nice to touch, expensive silicone doll indeed can become an excellent gift for the lonely man. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish such a doll from an alive woman. Moreover, she has advantages. What? Today we will speak about them in details.

Why are silicone dolls for men so popular?

Possibly, you heard a joke that a silicone woman is better than a real one as it is ready to help, safe, unpretentious and taciturn. She doesn't need to be driven anywhere, it isn't necessary to talk to her and ever nothing hurts her.

In fact, she is ideal as with firmness will stand practically any pranks certainly except usage of the sharp cutting objects. Having such a woman next to it is easy to be yourself, let yourself act as you wish what under other circumstances would be impossible. Therefore, here are the main reasons to buy it:

  1. Simplicity and universality in application.
  2. An opportunity to reduce stress in the pleasant way.
  3. Freedom for sexual experiments.

Sex industry around the world develops quickly therefore at present it is possible to buy not only a silicone doll but also clothes, accessories for her, additional toys to diversify love joys as much as possible. For example, it is possible to put on an open bathing suit and to create a situation as on the beach in Tenerife.

However, the completeness and realness of feelings in many respects depends on design and a sex doll quality. Therefore it is worth ordering goods on the checked resources and to pay attention to characteristics of definite models.

What are realistic dolls for sex?

Modern sex dolls are very different therefore to simplify buyers’ choice a classification has been created. These are main types:

  • inflatable (rubber, initially vinyl) – cheap low-standard products, are sometimes toxic;
  • latex – more modern products, some contain tanks for liquids (champagne, milk, etc.), are filled with foam to get a form, have average price range;
  • silicone dolls for adults – the most expensive, realistic.

The third option is chosen by those who know what a real pleasure is and can afford such a toy. The silicone doll looks like and makes an impression so realistic as far as it is possible for such a doll. You can just gaze but when decided you will get a charming alternative companion.

Bending or squeezing her hands, legs, breast, buttocks, moving it to different poses you will see a natural picture but not a soft doll which is bent in half and looks beautiful only in a window. Believe us, it costs her money.

Silicone dolls for adults of a premium class are equipped with a metal skeleton and joints on hinges, they bear high temperatures to 300 ℃ and don't sink therefore they can be taken safely to bath, jacuzzi or pool.

Some models possess removable vaginas and additional functional openings that are very convenient at intensive use. We recommend to pay attention to such models if you want to receive bright impressions for a long time.

Where to buy a silicone sex doll?

If you decided to buy an alternative companion – so you’ve have got to the right resource as the most qualitative, attractive, durable, original models are presented exactly here. The prices of beauties are in the range from 1962 to 2356 euros as they are characterized by:

  • high quality of materials;
  • careful manual processing;
  • control of each production phase;
  • individual design of each model.

The photo and description of models are presented on the website. If it’s necessary we can make a doll on order and she will ideally correspond to your wishes. In this case the details and the price will be discussed on an individual basis. Remember, to have a hot beauty it isn't obligatory to go to Spain to Tenerife – it can be ordered by two mouse clicks!