Rent and sale of sex dolls

Rent and brothel

Our specialized shop which is unique in Tenerife suggests a sex doll rental to feel what wasn't in the sphere of escort yet, what has made a revolution in this sphere and will make it in your mind!

Being one of few firms of a similar direction in Tenerife the Candy Dolls company provides lifelike sex dolls hire on acceptable and safe conditions. Our purpose is sexual meetings with the dolls who have the most realistic skin texture and body. Ordering a real doll rental the client receives:

  • a model made of high-quality materials thanks to what it possesses the realistic movements and joints: she is a guarantee of any fantasy performance;
  • an opportunity to enjoy any kind of sex (all dolls have vaginal, anal and oral openings) that may be impossible when you order escort;
  • a chance to organize a rest of an absolutely new type (eg. Bachelor party);
  • a doll with appearance which as much as possible aligns with your vision of an esthetic component (our legal sex doll brothel will provide a model with defined, chosen by a specific man features: figure, clothes, depth of a vagina and even a pose in which "girl" will meet the visitor in the room);
  • reasonable prices (the used materials and careful work at each doll does their cost quite high but to rent a doll will cost much more cheaper).
Realistic sex doll Angela
Realistic sex doll Helen
Realistic sex doll Laura
Realistic sex doll Zoey
Realistic sex doll Nataly
Realistic sex doll Lisa
Realistic sex doll Jane
Realistic sex doll Mike

How to rent a sex doll of the dream?

Your experience of paid sex with dolls from Candy Dolls in Tenerife can become much more fascinating, exotic and surely unforgettable comparing with the escort one. This industry having arisen in the highly developed countries of Asia gains popularity worldwide in recent years. Thanks to this men around the world have an opportunity to experience what can remain unknown in the relations with a real woman.

If you are planning a stag party think about joy and delight that can be offered to men when sex dolls rented. Sometimes it’s impossible to experience and get satisfaction with escorting ladies so we offer to feel free with our silicon hotties.

Our sex doll hotel is an also absolute guarantee of hygiene as each model undergoes multilevel cleaning which includes washing outside and inside, disinfection by antibacterial liquids after each use. Besides, clients are offered condoms which need to be used without fail.

Before plunging into the world of luxury joy each client is met and informed by our administrator who will answer the questions and will dispel any doubts concerning safety and comfort of contacts with the silicone beauties. Thanks to the rooms equipped with the TVs with the movies of erotic contents, sex doll rental will become an unforgettable adventure to be repeated!

It is necessary to specify that our clients will be able to indulge unearthly pleasure not only in our brothel but also at home. To rent sex doll at a definite address it is necessary to contact our managers for the details specification. The price of rent of the model will depend on usage time and the place of delivery.

We are glad to offer you an ideal partner for love and we will do everything possible to turn our cooperation into an unforgettable pleasure!